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The Literal Best Coffee You Will Ever Taste.

Happy Monday, y’all!
Today I decided to try something a little different…*drum roll, please!*…A RECIPE POST!!!Because who doesn’t like new recipes, yummy food, and delicious drinks :)Plus, this recipe is just too good not to share.
Back in 2013, I had the opportunity to travel to Chennai, India on a mission trip.While there, we shared the gospel in local schools through worship, skits, and simply loving on the students.In addition, we journeyed into the slums outside of the city where we offered free medical clinics for the villagers.It was amazing and heartbreaking…That trip touched me deeply, and further kindled my passion for missions.I could go on forever about those two weeks living life in India and about how God revealed Himself all throughout that trip.If you ever have the chance to go on an overseas mission, TAKE IT!You will be forever changed.

One of the daily traditions in southern Indian households is filter coffee.Don’t judge this drink by its name…the “filter” part simply …

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