Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Secret to Happiness


I know you are hurting. I know you are stressed. I know you are tired. I know you are done. But please, don’t give up. I know it’s hard. And you know what? You cannot do it. You are completely and utterly helpless. But, there is a God who can do anything, and that God lives inside of you. Don’t ever forget that. On your own, you cannot do it; you cannot be happy; you cannot fix everything. But never forget that you know the Ultimate Fixer, the Ultimate Healer, the Ultimate Source of Joy, and that He knows you. Not only does He know you by name, but He knows the number of hairs on your head. He knows your likes and your dislikes, your strengths and your weaknesses. He knows every time you cry, and every time you laugh. He knows your pain, because He himself experienced it. Your God knows you, and He cares for you. That’s crazy, right? I mean, what kind of God would have the power to create everything from nothing, and still take the time to know you? Who are you that the Lord of all the earth would look at the stars in the sky and still call you beautiful? It is one of the most beautiful aspects of the Gospel.

Darling, the secret to happiness - true happiness - is to turn to the One who created it. It is only in Christ that true happiness can be found. Don’t let anyone ever try to tell you that happiness comes from having lots of money, or being popular, or even from tasting a piece of the world. I promise you, dear, those people are not truly happy. For the joy that they have is only momentary. It is fleeting, lasting for a little while before it floats away like the wind, stealing whatever happiness is left. The joy you will have, child, is the joy of the Lord. An eternal kind of joy.

I am not saying that you will not struggle in life. Life is messy. There will be times when you mess up, and you know what? That’s okay. But don’t let a mistake consume you. Don’t allow Satan to use your mistakes as chains that bind you down, weighing upon your shoulders. Turn back to Jesus, lift your eyes up to the hills and cry out for forgiveness. Then, worship the Lord for the blood of the Lamb that washes your sins as white as the snow outside your window. 

Thank Him for His mercies, which are new each morning. Make rock bottom the solid foundation on which you rebuild your life.

You want to know the secret to happiness? Let it go. Let go of the chains that imprison you and turn your heart to stone. Let go of the burdens that cause you to stumble. Let go of the sin that only serves to kill your joy. Let go of it all, and watch God work miracles. Open your heart, child, and let God break down those walls of shame and guilt. Allow Him to take you by the hand and guide you on the adventure of your life. For it is then, and only when you learn to fully trust God, that you will open the doors to a joy like no other. A joy that can only come from above.